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Kappa Alpha Order

Defining Gentlemen since 1865

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Indiana State University: Zeta Iota Chapter

From Our Rose:

The most important thing to remember when being Kappa Alpha Order Rose is being able to support the whole chapter as if they are your own little family. After being Rose for three years, they have helped me mature and grow as a person throughout my college experience. I am truly grateful for KA wanting me to be Rose for as long as I have been. It is amazing to see how much the bond of Kappa Alpha Order has an effect on all it's members. I feel that these gentlemen truly understand the meaning of brotherhood. As Rose it is important to stand up for them, and to always be able to help them out as needed. Without these men, my college experience would never have been the same. Being Rose is an honor and a privilege. Just having the title is not what it is all about. There is a special bond between the fraternity and you. Being able to bond with Kappa Alpha Order has been something I would never take for granted. I would like to thank Kappa Alpha Order for the experience throughout these past three years.

From our Magnolia:

    The Kappa Alpha Magnolia needs to be someone that truly cares about the gentleman of Kappa Alpha Order. Being a part of this organization has been the best time I have had at ISU. I try to do a lot of things for the guys like make them cookies, surprise them with treats, or even making breakfast for them. More importantly I try to be one of their biggest supports. I try to come to most of their intramural games and cheer them on. It is also important to come and stop by just to see how everyone is doing and if there is anything that I can do for them. Not only have I been there for these gentlemen but they have been a great support to me as well! I consider each and every one of these guys as my best friends. I am honored to be the Kappa Alpha Magnolia.

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